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Start selling your passion to the whole world.

With our full house of designers, developers, and business advisers you can have your next online shop in few weeks. Whatever your passion is, you can sell it online and receive rewards for it.

Our technology partners

You should choose a platform that can meet your own distinct feature requirements as appropriate and as unique as your individual business model. Benchmarking your business’s development in short and long run will help you to pick the right platform. We have vast knowledge and experience to bring any e-commerce to a great success. 

Shopify is a fully-hosted e-Commerce web-based platform that allows businesses to run their own online store.

Magento is built on an open-source platform and agile. It is flexible and a very powerful e-Commerce platform. 

An open source e-Commerce CMS plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

Successful E-Commerce’s tricky corners

There are many factors that play a role for a webiste to sell service or products online. To grow steady and keep customrs coming back following are the most importnat. 

Data Security

No one is willing to share their credit card information with a fishy website, so it is the duty to make sure data are secured from hackers.

Load Speed

A slow website will force users to find an alternative solution for their needs. Suitable cloud technology will be used to reduce redundancy and content load speed.

User-Friendly Platform

Confusing platform and design will hide the interesting product from the visitors, resulting to increase your website’s bounce rate. 

Some of our E-Commerce Development Projects

Following are few of our recent E-commerce development projects for a variety of industries. We strive to learn more about any industries since we love new challenges.  Be sure to click here to check out our full Toronto website design portfolio. 

Need an Estimate?

Technology is growing fast and stay up-to-date is challenging!
Our team of professional designers, web developers and Business Strategist can help you plan and execute your next design project.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Would my website be secured?

Most important part of all e-commerce websites is their security. We will make sure all your visitors’ information stays safe, while they are sharing their credit card information.

Can I Scale my Online Store?

Scalling is one of the most challenging aspect of e-commerce platforms. hence, it is super important to have a right solutions in place to prevent suprises while expanding the fucntionality.

Can I Scale my Online Store?

Scaling is one of the most challenging aspects of e-commerce platforms. hence, it is super important to have a right solution in place to prevent surprises while expanding the functionality.

Which Transaction Gateways is used for transactions?

We work with most of transactions gateway providers, but most of our clients prefer Stripe, due to their fees schedule. 

What are my hidden costs?

Just like you, we hate surprise invoices. So we will provide you with all fees you need to pay upfront and on yearly.

Which Transaction Gateways is used for transactions?

You can install JivoChat onto unlimited websites for no extra fee.

Do I need to create a routine backup?

Creating a functional and restorable backup is not an easy task, so we do provide full backup on routine bases for our clients with a large number of transactions. Which will keep them safe, obviously it involves extra costs, but definitely is worth every penny.

Please feel free to chat with us if you have any questions


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